About Us

Springer America is owned by Kjell Ottesen, a native Norwegian who immigrated to the U.S. 19 years ago.  When Kjell was approached by the manufacturer of Springer to be the importer to North America, he jumped on the chance. It was his American dream to one day have his own company and what could be better than to import a Norwegian product? Thus, in the year of 2008, Springer America was created. Springer America is located in Raleigh, NC where Kjell lives with his wife, son and rescued pit bull, Bella.

Bella deserves a paragraph of her own. After the deaths of their two dogs in 2011, the Ottesen family went on a hunt for a rescued dog that would be a good fit for their lifestyle. They scanned the entire county and were only confused and dazed over the hundreds of dogs that needed a home. But it all became crystal clear when the owner of a local rescue group brought a small black and white pit bull to their home to meet. The happy baby girl was covered in fresh scars.... It was apparent that she had been in a dog fight. Come to find out, she had been in many and so it was believed that she had been used as a bait dog. This sweet, happy little puppy...who wasn't quite one year old...had had a terrible start at life. And the Ottesens knew she deserved a wonderful life. So, they introduced her to their kitten, Stewie, who she happily licked, and she immediately settled nicely into the Ottesen family. After Bella's scars had healed and she had gain a little weight, a new Bella emerged. The new Bella ran circles around the house, dug holes in the garden and chewed on any shoe she could find. And that's when the Ottesens knew that it was time to introduce Bella to the Springer Dog Exerciser! Bella's daily bike rides were a necessity, they kept the 'naughty-Bella' at bay. it is true.... "A tired dog is a happy dog."

Kjell is very proud of the products made in Norway and will personally attempt to make every buyer of the Springer happy with his or her purchase.  Your feedback is always welcomed!  We want you to be satisfied with your Springer products. Please feel free to email questions directly to